44 Apply Quotes That Will Change Your Way of Thinking

Apply Quotes

Apply quotes are always powerful because they give us the opportunity to stabilize our own lives, to think and evaluate how to improve the power to act, think, do and understand.

When properly understood such words, these become small, meaningful and effective reminders that immediately set our worldview in perspective forever.

Scholars believe that something is not in human hands, but it does not mean that we cannot understand it. If you insist on doing it, then it becomes possible despite being impossible.

Here are some famous Words from Apply Quotes about better use of strength, intelligence, motivation, desire etc. which will change your life if you choose to apply them.

Inspirational Apply Quotes

1. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.
― Unknown

2. Before deciding to do something, you should discover your true values, and then, you should search for opportunities to apply those values practically.
― Dr Prem Jagyasi

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3. Education is important, study well but apply that education in your life. Otherwise it’s just a theory.

4. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
― Johann

5. The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physicals and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.
― Thomas

6. We apply law to facts. We don’t apply feelings to facts. ― Sonia Sotomayor

7. Nobody was born a master; amateurs become experts because they did not give up on learning. You are going as far as you can if you’ll learn and apply!
― Israelmore Ayivor

8. Grate Quotes were not made by great writers, but are made by great readers who reads, appreciates and applies the quotes in real life.
― Nalaemton S.

9. Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right
— Henry Ford

10. It is hard to apply oneself to study when there is no money to pay for food and lodging. I almost never explain these things when folks are asking me why I don’t do this or that.
― Zora Neale

11. The problem with the bronco is to get on and stay on. This is the problem with the Golden Rule-to understand and apply.
― James Cash Penney

12. Change is inevitable, change will always happen, but you have to apply direction to change, and that’s when it’s progress. Doug Baldwin

13. If there seems no answers then create and apply them.
― Steven Redhead

14. Two things you should always do: Learn and Apply
― Suzzane K

15. It is not enough to have knowledge; one must apply it. It is not enough to have whishes; one must also accomplish it.
― Johann

16. It is not our job to apply laws that have not yet been written.
― John Paul Stevens

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17. A scam is a scam. A fraud is a fraud. Different rules don’t apply in the City than they do for you and me. ― Emily Thornberry

18. Step one is to forget everything which you know…
… That’s how change you can apply!
― Deyth Banger

19. Bless are those, who knows the wisdom, and get to apply them.
― Nilufer Guney

20. We should learn to understand natural selection, so that we can oppose any tendency to apply it to human politics.
― Richard Dawkins

21. You can be a famous poisoner or a successful poisoner, but not both, and the same seems to apply to Great Train Robbers.
― Clive Anderson

22. Never let anyone define what you are capable of by using parameters that don’t apply to you.
― Chuck Close

23. People who gives excuses of lack of growth simply don’t know how to apply the principle of increase is practically inevitable.
― Sunday Adelaja

24. Every time conditions not allow us to go with our choice so sometimes we have to put our emotions aside and must take a walk where our conditions apply.
― Anubhaw Mishra

25. For to be possessed of a vigorous mind is not enough; the prime requisite is rightly to apply it.
― Rene Descartes

26. When I left drama school, there were dozens of rep theatres you could apply to where you got a good training.
― Brenda Blethyn

27. I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.
― Leonardo da Vinci

28. Vision unknown is self-abuse. Vision known is self-abuse discovery. But vision applied is self-liberation. Application is the key
― israelmore ayivor

29. You can’t teach that thing, You didn’t know. You can only be effective, If you did apply it.
― Nilufer Guney

30. Examine the labels you apply to yourself. Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross.
― Wayne Dyer

31. You cannot apply mathematics as long as words still becloud reality.
― Hermann Wey

32. The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.
― Denis Waitley

33. I never seek the justice. In whatever way, I constitute and apply that.
― Ehsan Sehgal

34. The endless cycle of life – Learn and Apply
― Monika Gupta

35. If you really want to know where your destiny lies, look at where you apply your time.
― Mark Cuban

36. I have therefore concluded to apply for the privilege of becoming a Cadet at West Point.
― George Stoneman

37. You can’t get mad at weather because weather’s not about you. Apply that lesson to most other aspects of life. ― Douglas Coupland

38. What I adore or I do not adore as my values, but I do not apply or insist on others that.
― Ehsan Sehgal

39. If you want to experience then apply. Just reading and listening will do nothing.
― Unknown

40. You have to apply yourself each day to becoming a little better. By becoming a little better each and every day, over a period of time, you will become a lot better.
― John Wooden

41. Between falsehood and useless truth there is little difference. As gold which he cannot spend will make no man rich, so knowledge which cannot apply will make no man wise.
― Samuel Johnson

42. Every problem can be solved as long as they use common sense and apply the right research and techniques. ― Daymond John

43. Knowledge is having a wide range of past history, whereas wisdom is being able to apply history to the present and the future.
― Steven Magee

44. Many people have gift of knowledge but only few know how to apply it.
― Unknown

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