12+ Ways for Finding Your Passion for Living in the Modern Era

Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion is indeed a great reward in itself.

There is also an additional bonus. Because life passion and purpose are so closely related, finding a life purpose will most likely be a simple question away from your passion.

When you know them both, you will know your heart’s longing.

To achieve this, all that is needed is your commitment to this statement…

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living…
I want to know what you ache for, and
if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.”


Yes? Great! On to the dig.

The Quest for Finding Your Passion

It makes sense that life passion will lay in the fields of our strengths and preferences.

Working from those traits is so much more satisfying than doing jobs we are not good at and do not enjoy.

We can unearth valuable insights to our strengths and preferences by exploring these:

  • Personal spiritual growth – how you see your place in the majesty of life, and the meaning you ascribe to it.
  • Cognition – knowing your mind and being sure of yourself… living from a place of self-empowerment.
  • instinct – knowing your natural approach to tasks. Online personality tests are convenient and helpful for painting a picture of these preferences and strengths, as well as indicating dislikes and weaker characteristics.

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12+ exercises to find your passion today

  1. Look at accomplishments and contributions achieved at different stages of your life as these can often point to smart places to look for finding your passion. These achievements may have made you feel proud or excited to be involved in.

    They may have been focused on education, learning a new skill, helping a friend or family member, membership in clubs, participation in sport, educational achievements, career path, relationships, family responsibilities, etc

    Write down some of these accomplishments that you experienced during each of childhood, teenage years, and adulthood.

    Identify what you like about these achievements, what you like about them. Why were they satisfying experiences for you?
  2. What have been your favorite and most enjoyable activities at different stages of your life? There may be some variations in different life stages, and there may be some that have a common formula from day one.

    Think about things that others may have chided you about, teasing you perhaps because you were always so talkative, or so organized, or??

    These are all clues as to things you likely love and value. Don’t disregard them due to someone else’s thoughts about them, they may hold valuable clues for finding your passion.
  3. What have other people admired about you through your life? Have those traits been constant throughout your life, or have they changed, with some showing themselves at different times?

    Why do you think these traits are commendable? Consider whether these are actually things that you accept about yourself as well or if they were behaviors to meet expectations.
  4. What topics are you curious about and would like to learn more about? What information or discoveries excite and inspire you when you learn of them?

    What magazines do you find yourself picking up at the Newsagent when you have a bit of time to browse?

    Where does web surfing take you when you have some spare time? What are some of those websites you happily came across and bookmarked for ‘when you had some time to explore’.

    Do your ears perk up when someone talks about the most recent finding in quantum physics, cell biology, computer programming, modeling, home decorating, stock trading, writing, politics?
  5. If you have guaranteed success in the world to change anything you want, what will you change? Why would you change it and how does it feel?
  6. If you were absolutely certain that you could achieve any goal set for yourself, what goal would you pursue?
  7. If you didn’t have to be concerned with making money, what would you do with your time?
  8. If you have a secret craving that you’re interested in doing, but never share it with anyone, what is it?
  9. Are there any courses or seminars you wish to enroll in, but feel that you cannot justify the time or expense? These cravings are a sign of your passion to talk to yourself.
  10. Who are the people you admire so much and why do you admire them? Your appreciation indicates your value. Your heart wants to live your highest core values. Identifying them are excellent clues to find your passion and purpose in life.
  11. How would you like to be remembered? What words, spoken in your honor, would make you feel that you lived to your greatest potential.
  12. Take Author Janet Atwood’s Free Passion Test Profile Quiz. It is simple and revealing. Answer 7 simple questions and get an overview of your situation to live an emotional life. It also gives you great feedback on what you can do to create a more fulfilling life.


Identifying the passion of your life is a big step in your personal mission development so that the chances of ending all the difficulties of life are very high.

Taste your findings, and start enjoying the journey of your success and enjoying a life-changing experience.

Finding your passion in life is a process that is necessary for every person to follow, only then does he know that he is successful in finding his purpose. Therefore, only focus on the duties you attain.

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