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Principles Quotes

Principles Quotes: A principle is a type of law or rule that is followed in various forms. It is very important to follow the principle for personal improvement, for the improvement of the state or country. Because, it is necessary to make sure whether you have rules to fulfill that purpose and dreams or not.

Our scholars have prepared many Principle Quotes in this regard, which gives a lot of courage to fulfill them. This is not just a proverb but a never-changing truth. Whoever believes in this, he gets success in making his life successful.

Principles Quotes to Get You Inspired

1. Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help.
― G. W. F. Hegel

2. Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.
― Groucho Marx

3. A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
― Dwight D. Eisenhower

4. There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.
― Stephen Covey

5. He who merely knows right principles is not equal to him who loves them
― Confucius

6. An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.
― Thomas Paine

7. A single lifetime is enough if its lived with principles.
― Malika E Nura

8. It’s easy to have principles when you’re rich. The important thing is to have principles when you’re poor.
― Ray Kroc

9. Books are the basis; purity is the force; preaching is the essence; utility is the principle.
― A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

10. Our guiding principle was that design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society.
― Walter Gropius

11. I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.
― Everett Dirksen

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12. Do not consider anything for your interest which makes you break your word, quit your modesty or inclines you to any practice which will not bear the light or look the world in the face.
― Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

13. The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.
― Thomas S. Monson

14. It is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.
― Alfred Adler

15. In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
― Thomas Jefferson

16. Our principles are the springs of our actions; our actions, the springs of our happiness or misery. Too much care, therefore, cannot be taken in forming our principles.
― Philip Skelton

17. Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.
― D. H. Lawrence

18. Most principles are limp until they are tested.
― Richard Brookhiser

19. Sometimes change is necessary to move on in life. The principles we have may be outdated and may not be the right solutions for a situation.
― Hermann J Steinherr

20. We talk on principle but we act on interest.
― William Savage Landor

21. True religion, like our founding principles, requires that the rights of the disbeliever be equally acknowledged with those of the believer.
― A. Powell Davies

22. The guiding principle is not to manufacture the goods everyone needs, rather to earn profits for a few capitalists.
― Walter Ulbricht

23. We teach them proper principles and let them govern themselves.
― Prophet Joseph Smith

24. Principal is a passion for truth!
Source Unknown

25. Never compromise your principles, even if it leads to difficulties in the short term.
― Alan Casden

26. Surround yourself with human beings, my dear James. They are easier to fight for than principles.
― Ian Fleming

27. A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
― Dwight D. Eisenhower

28. We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.
― Jimmy Carter

29. Obey the principles without being bound by them.
― Bruce Lee

30. Don’t let your ego get in the way of goodness, Control your ego and emerge as a wonderful soul you’d feel whole.
― Malika E Nura

31. In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle,
stand like a rock.
― Thomas Jefferson

22. The principle of Sturgeon’s Razor states that the simplest answer to any problem is 90% crap
― Aaron Allston

33. As to the Indians, the guiding principle was, promise them anything just so long as they get out of the way.
― Stephen Ambrose

34. he principles now planted in thy bosom will grow, and one day reach maturity; and in that maturity thou wilt find thy heaven or thy hell.
― David Thomas

35. A policy is a temporary creed liable to be changed, but while it holds good it has got to be pursued with apostolic zeal.
― Mahatma Gandhi

36. A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
― Dwight D. Eisenhower

37. He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own.
― Aesop

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38. He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own.
― Aesop

39. Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.
― Walter Winchell

40. In matters of Principles stand as firm as a mountain, in matters of empathy always project Kindness.
― Malika E Nura

41. You see, God helps only people who work hard. That principle is very clear.
― Abdul Kalam

42. My guiding principle is this: Guilt is never to be doubted.
― Granz Kafka

43. Glory built on selfish principles is shame and guilt.
― William Cowper.

44. Always vote for a principle, though you vote alone, and you may cherish the sweet reflection that your vote is never lost.
― John Quincy Adams

45. There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.
― Stephen Covey

46. Like love, the light or guidance of truth that influences us exists only in living form, not in principles or rules or expectations or advice, however widely circulated.
― Alan Watts

47. We may make mistakes-but they must never be mistakes which result from faintness of heart or abandonment of moral principle.
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

48. We pay a price when we deprive children of the exposure to the values, principles, and education they need to make them good citizens.
― Sandra Day O’Connor

49. There is no principle worth the name if it is not wholly good.
― Mahatma Gandhi

50. At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love.
― Unknown

51. The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum.
― Adlai E. Stevenson

52. As a guiding principle, life shrinks and life expands in direct proportion to your willingness to assume risk.
― Casey Neistat

53. Failure comes only when we forget our ideals and objectives and principles.
― Jawaharlal Nehru

54. So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.
― Immanuel Kant

55. It is always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.
― Alfred Adler

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56. But every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.
― Thomas Jefferson

57. Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.
― Abraham Lincoln

58. Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

59. A good principle not rightly understood may prove as hurtful as a bad.
― John Milton

60. True success is a by-product of following the right principles.
― Unknown

61. If one sticks too rigidly to one’s principles, one would hardly see anybody.
― Agatha Christie

62. My guiding principle is that prosperity can be shared. We can create wealth together. The global economy is not a zero-sum game.
― Julia Gillard

63. Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.
― Victor Hugo

64. The principles which men profess on any controverted subject are usually a very incomplete exponent of the opinions they really hold.
― John Stuart Mill

65. Moral authority comes from following universal and timeless principles like honesty, integrity, treating people with respect.
―Stephen Covey

66. The intelligent have plans; the wise have principles.
― Raheel Farooq

67. A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances.
― George S. Patton

68. I act on my principles, whether they’re popular or not.
― Gavin Newsom

69. Let principles make decisions.
― Jack Hyles

70. Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles.
― Unknown

71. On general principle, I boycott shows that don’t employ actors.
― Aisha Tyler

72. My mother was the source from which I derived the guiding principles of my life.
― John Wesley

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